Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunshine Foods: Sad News

When I did the coupon match-ups this week for Sunshine Foods, I happened to miss one very important piece of information in the ad.  Thanks to a reader, it has come to my attention that Sunshine will only double 10 coupons up to a value of $0.50 and coupons used on advertised specials do not qualify for doubling (isn't this the point??).

Anyway,  I wrote Sunshine a kind, but disappointed e-mail, and I encourage you to do the same.  I never frequented Sunshine until I realized the doubled every day.  I will continue to do match-ups, but am afraid there will be very few deals worth driving to Sunshine for...

Let us know what you think...leave a comment!!


  1. Yeah- I had to carefully plan out my triple coupons the other day... I will take your advice and e-mail them as well.

  2. Sunshine in Tea says they will continue to double coupons on sale items as long as the face value is $0.50 or less...yay!!