Saturday, January 29, 2011

1/2 off Everything at 57th St./Western Ave. Dairy Queen: Today Only

Mall Coupons

Headed to the mall this weekend? Here are a few coupons you might like to use...

New York & Co. : $40 off your purchase of $100 or more (expires 1/30) (Some people are even mentioning that you get a $15 gift card for every $30 spent and that the deals worked together...if that's true, you'll spend $60, but get $45 back....Your mileage may vary)

The Limited : $15 off every $50 that you spend (expires 2/1)

Bath and Body Works : FREE 1.6 oz. candle - New Home Escape Fregrance Collection (no purchase necessary - expires 1/30)

Parenting: The Early Years Magazine Subscription

Eversave is offering a 2 year subscription to Parenting the Early Years for $5. To sweeten this deal even further, if you're new to Eversave you'll also get $2 off just for signing up (it's FREE).

Here's how to get your subscription:
1. Go to the Eversave site. Sign in or sign up.
2. Click "buy now".
3. Eversave will e-mail you a code. Use your code to order your subscription from Blue Dolphin.

Yoplait offer...

Some of you may have snagged this last time I posted about it. I can't tell you much about it because of the fine print, but go to the Yoplait site and look near the bottom left hand corner. While you're there, look around and see all of the Yoplait coupons available to you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Clariol: FREE Box of Foam

Go here and like Clariol for a FREE box of Nice 'n Easy Color Block foam.

Target Shopping Trip

Last night my daughter and I went to Target to do a little shopping. While there, I was going to try to use a coupon on an item. It happened that the item I desired was on clearance. For the first time in a LONG time the cashier wasn't excited about taking my coupon. Guess what I had left at coupon policy. When I asked the manager about it, she stated she didn't have a copy and wasn't entirely sure how the situation should be handled.

The morel of the story....NEVER leave home without your coupon policies!! They really can mean the difference between getting an item for the price that you planned or leaving it at the store!!