Monday, February 13, 2012

Roses are Red...

Before we ever got married, my husband made it very clear that I would NOT be receiving flowers from him on Valentine's Day....ever.  His reasoning is simple:  roses around Valentine's Day are like gas prices in South Dakota in the summer; as demand increases, so does the amount of money coming out of your pocket book.  So, he resolves to buy them at a time I don't expect them (and at a time he can get them for a fraction of the cost).  He's so sweet!

If you're buying roses, take heart.  The guys at Dealnews have done the cost analysis, and have determined you can save over $1000 if grow your own roses...go here for the article.  (Now, obviously this isn't an option in SD, but I found it funny...and VERY educational, so take a peek).

What savvy way are you spending Valentine's Day this year?  Share your ideas in the comment section...

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