Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Crowdtap Old Navy Party

Not that long ago, I mentioned Crowdtap.  It's a website that does market research for various companies.  (It's free to sign up...go here to do so!!).  One of the opportunites I was given through Crowdtap was to host an Old Navy Shorts Party. 

My guests and I met at old Navy with this mission:  To try on some Old Navy shorts, give our opinions about them.  In exchange, we got to choose a top, a pair of shorts, and one accessory for FREE!! 

We tried on a lot of different combinations. I told my guests to try on some things that they normally wouldn't choose...we had a blast. Here are some pictures from the party:

Old Navy has a wide variety of shorts in lots of fun colors.  Here's the classic khaki 5' inseam short paired with a fun and flirty tank top.

Old Navy is known for it's flip flops...aren't they cute??  This t-shirt was adorable.  There is super cute detailing on this t-shirt that is hard to see in the picture!

We all loved the classic khaki short!  Here they're paired with a summery, brightly-printed tank top.

These shorts are fun and sporty!

What fun detailing on the back pockets of these shorts!!  Old Navy has shorts of all different colors made of all different fabrics in all sorts of styles!

Super cute!

What a cute outfit!!

These shorts were super cute...we both tried them on and I loved them enough to bring them home!!  I loved the print and the fact that I could wear many different colored tops with them...The blue shirt I'm wearing has fun detailing near the bottom of the himline.  Adorable!! 


We took a picture with the mannequins...we look as good as they do, right??

We got "friendly" with the mannequin and took her shirt...Yes, we did end up purchasing it!!
Does it look like fun??  Sure it does!!  Go here to sign up for Crowdtap and get to tappin'!!

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