Saturday, June 11, 2011

FREE Things to Do in Sioux Falls

Whether you're planning a "staycation", or are simply looking for something to do, here are some fun (and FREE) things to do in Sioux Falls during the summer (this is just the beginning...please let me know of others so I can add them to the list...):

1.  Visit the Old Courthouse Museum
2.  Visit the Pettigrew House and Museum
3.  Ride bike or take a walk on the Sioux Falls Bike Trail
4.  Visit the Outdoor Campus
5.  Visit the Pioneer Spray Park
6.  Visit the McKennan Park Wading Pool
7.  Visit the Battleship Memorial
8.  Take a walk on the Great Bear Nature Trail
9.  Visit Arrowhead Park and Nature Area
10.  Visit the Japanese Gardens at Terrace Park
11.  Roller skate or roller blade at the new Memorial Hockey Rink
12.  Skateboard at the Drake Springs and Kuehn Skateboard Parks
13.  Take a look at the beautiful flower garden at Tut Hill Park
14.  Our libraries have much more than books!  Check them out for movies, music, classes, demonstrations, and more!
15.  Visit Wall Lake Park:  Have a picnic, take a walk, or swim/boat in the lake...they have a beach area!!
16.   Visit the Sioux Empire Medical Museum
17.  Visit Veteran's Memorial Park
18.  Visit Falls Park
19.  Ride the Downtown Trolley
20.  Hit a few balls at Harmodon Park
21.  Visit the Center for Western Studies
22.  Visit the Horse Barn Arts Center

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