Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sometimes it Pays to be Opinionated: FREE Products

Most companies can be contacted online these days, and they love hearing from their customers (both good and bad).  I often like to let companies know when they are doing a good job (sometimes results in coupons being sent to you), but occasionally I find something that I don't like about a product.  When this happens, I like to let the company's FREE market research for them.  Oftentimes this results in coupons in your mailbox (usually for FREE products...).

Recently I e-mailed 2 diaper about their outstanding product, and the other to let them know about some leaking problems we'd been having with one of their product lines.  I was surprised to find a quick response from both companies, and 2 coupons for FREE diapers in my mailbox I was able to turn those 2 FREE packages of diapers into a moneymaker due to a Register Rewards deal at Walgreens...sometimes it pays to be opinionated!

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