Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recycle Bank...

Have you heard about Recycle Bank? Recycle Bank rewards its users for recycling, unfortunately we don't have any carriers in our area that participate...

***Update:  We DO have a carrier in our area: Novak Sanitary Services.  According to reader, Annette, you get points on Recycle Bank each time they pick up your recycling.  Exciting! But you can sign up for Recycle Bank even if you don't use them as your carrier...***

Why do I mention it, then? There are other (very easy) ways to earn points! Right now, go to Recycle Bank, sign up (for FREE), and click on the banner near the bottom of the home page. You'll get points for taking a quiz. Then click on the "Earn Points" tab and take the "Green Your Home Challenge". You'll be entered to win all kinds of prizes (including a kitchen remodel, a Nook Color, and much more). On top of that, you'll ear LOTS of points! So what can you do with these points? Use them to "buy" high value coupons to use in stores and coupon codes to use online.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!!


  1. Hey Steph! I just wanted to let you know that we do have a Recyclebank carrier in our area. I have trash and recycling pick up through Novak Sanitary Service and they participate with Recyclebank. You have to create the Recyclebank account, but points are automatically added each time they pick up your recycling! :)

  2. Thanks!! I'll edit the post. I really appreciate you letting me know :)