Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome Argus Leader Readers!

I would like to offer a warm and inviting welcome to all of the readers who found this blog in the Argus Leader. I'm excited to share my passion for saving money with you! I post money saving coupons, coupon match-ups (that's right, I do the work for you!!), and other great deals that I think you may be interested in. I do my best to seek out deals that will work locally and let you know in the post if the deal is "reported" (ex. clearance prices at a store that I haven't verified myself).

Here are some EASY ways you can start saving money:

1. Check this blog daily and become a follower (you can sign up to receive posts in an e-mail). I post deals daily. You can also find Sioux Falls Savvy Saver on Facebook.

2. Coupons can be found everywhere:
-There are inserts in the Argus Leader on Sundays.
-You can also find coupons online. (,,
-Signing up for newsletters from the manufacturers of items you use regularly will also score you coupons either in your inbox or online for you to print!
-Keep your eyes open for "blinkies" at store, store coupons at stores (Dollar General, Walgreens, etc.), and look at store websites (Target, K-Mart, and HyVee all have their own store coupons available on their websites).
- I also post when I find other great online coupons.

3. Buy it when it's at a "stock up price" - When you find a good deal on food items (check out my Sunshine Foods match-ups), toiletries, and other items you use on a regular basis - STOCK UP! This being said, be sure to only buy things you NEED. Don't buy something just because it's a good deal (unless it's FREE...and yes, you can get stuff for FREE using coupons!!)

4. Read the Sunday Sale Ads - If you get the Argus, you already get the ads. You can also view them online here. It's easy to find items you need on sale. Combine this with a coupon, and you've got yourself a good deal!

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions that you may have...I'm here for you. I love to hear from my readers! Don't forget to check back later for more great deals!!

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